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Who's feeling lazy and just wants to share some awesome today? Me. That's who.
No I did not see the Hobbit twice the first week it came out. That's absurd. I don't know what you're talking about. I am in NO WAY a Tolkien nerd who has secret fantasies of having a three-way with... Never mind. Here's a pin with a link to some totally uncool and not at all awesome patterns for nerdy Tolkien characters. 

Shut up.

We have a canopy bed that just looks kind of weird with these big empty wooden rails. There not sturdy enough to tie... stuff... to, but maybe I could try the little lights. Or, maybe it would just look tacky. What do you think? Pin here.

Hey look at that, it's a rad crochet blanket that's all completed and everything. You think you're so awesome, with your drive to finish stuff and general motivation towards life and remembering to eat breakfast and cleaning lint traps. Whatever. Pin here, so you too can feel GREAT about your "projects-in-progress" closet.

In other news, I think I might have issues with completing things I start. Like, The Monster. (Oh hey, I remember you!)

There's this weird box on a stick that sits out in front of your house that this person in a uniform visits every day but Sunday and sometimes puts stuff in. Usually that stuff is shrieking discounts at the crappy grocery store on the other side of town and just goes directly into the garbage can without ever making it past the front walkway. But SOMETIMES the box has something special, an envelope with a handwritten address and INSIDE the envelope with the handwritten address is a handwritten note from someone who lives far away but you used to share localized space with. And then you read the note and reverse the process and then the first person visits their box on a stick one day and gets a similar special envelope from you.

So this is a cool way to make the envelope even more special. Pin here.

I have a thing for maps. Obviously. Pin here. (It just goes back here because the original pin went to spam. Sorry! If you have the site link, let me know so I can fix it)

Don't forget that if you want to join the community craft pinboard "Do Something Awesome," you can comment and let me know. Just make sure you give me your pinterest name, cause I'm not a psychic, people.

I'm also starting a community board for all of us who are obsessed with retro and vintage everything: "Retro Vintage Posse!" It's brand new so join up and spread the word. Comment here or email if you'd like to be added as a contributor, and then you can brag about how awesome and important you are. Because we all know that personal importance is measured by how often you pin stuff. Obviously.

Yes I'm feeling snarky this morning. I apologize. My coffee swears it's caffeinated but I think it's lying. I get snarky and angry towards my coffee and then the snark bursts out into a generalized radius of damage when I don't have an appropriate level of caffeine in my system. And by "appropriate," I mean "all of it."

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  1. OMG just discovered ur blog n its love at first sight....sigh!!
    im following drop by n have a look at mine...c if u like :) thanks


I'm not always great at replying to comments but I DO read every single one of them and I always reply in my head. So in my mind we've had this deep conversation about the meaning of life or whatever, and we're best friends, and we craft together on Sunday afternoons while drinking Mojitos and watching old Indiana Jones movies. So thank you for your comments. And now I want a mojito.

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